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Rest Quiet™ Patch

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Rest Quiet™ patches have been discontinued and are no longer sold at the Nanotechnology Store.

Rest Quiet™ patches have been renamed and are now being marketed as Silent Nights patches.

All acupuncture points used by Rest Quiet™ patches fully apply to the Silent Nights patches.

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The product overview

A box of Rest Quiet patchesRest Quiet™, the All Natural Sleep Patch Rest Quiet™ is the new approach to getting a peaceful night's sleep. Our patent pending method allows natural organic material to interact with the human body to improve relaxation and well being.

Nothing enters the body, it uses new organic nanotechnology structures, and energy transfer occurs between you and the patches. It is believed that Rest Quiet™ helps the body's own natural meridians balance by the application of the Rest Quiet™ Patch to specific acupuncture points. This helps achieve a quiet, restful sleep.


Conclusions of the Rest Quiet™ Patch Dean Clark

Conclusions of Infrared Imaging of the Rest Quiet™ Patch
Dean Clark, D.C. CCSP, ACABII
Portland, Oregon
December 13, 2005

Initial studies of the Rest Quiet™ Patch confirm the findings observed with the energy patches resulting in the nervous system response by localized cooling of a hyperthermic region. An initial Infrared Imaging scan was done prior to placement of Rest Quiet™ patches. The Rest Quiet™ patch was then applied to the temple region. Another Infrared Imaging scan was repeated in 5 minutes the results showed significant thermal changes to the localized region and systemic changes in temperature were also apparent.

In studies conducted on approximately 150 people, the patches of all varieties create an overall autonomic nervous system response to generally cool a hyperthermic region when measured with sophisticated infrared technology. Conversely, when a region is hypothermic cold the patches will have the opposite effect on the area in warming the localized region.

The patches provide a thermoregulating effect to the body causing the nervous system to respond in normalizing the anomalous response and changes of the body. The measured changes included such things as pain relief, range of motion changes to stiff joints, bowel function improvement, overall energy improvement, and mental focus to name a few.

It is well known that the energies of the body are influenced by a number of factors some of which can be explained by acupuncture, electromagnetic and bioenergetic sciences. It is clear to me that the patches of all variations offer a measurable physiological response changing and regulating the nervous system.

Conclusions of the Atlanta Sleep Center Study

Conclusions of the Atlanta Sleep Center Study
Steve Haltiwanger, M.D., C.C.N.
Health and Science Director of LifeWave
December 1, 2005

A pilot study of the Rest Quiet™ patch was performed at the Atlanta Sleep Center from June 13- July 1, 2005. The study involved 5 subjects who were studied three nights, each one week apart. The first night was the control night, when the subjects wore no patches. The subjects were then given Rest Quiet patches to wear every night on their right temple leading up to and during the two additional studies of the subjects. Nocturnal polysomnography (8 hours of comprehensive physiological data during sleep) was conducted. The parameters of a standard polysomnography evaluation are measurements of breathing, heart activity, oxygen levels by oximetry data and sleep state.

The sleep study results carried out in Atlanta showed that the Rest Quiet™ patch was effective in promoting sleep efficiency in all subjects. Four of five subjects showed improvements in slow wave sleep. Four of the five subjects showed improvements in total sleep time.

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The Rest Quiet™ patch is a nanotechnology product which contains a patent pending blend made of:

  • amino acids
  • sugars
  • water
  • oxygen
  • organics applied to a polyester substrate and sealed inside a polymer shell
  • All active ingredients in the patches are listed under FDA under 21 CFR and are recognized as safe.

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  • Store in a cool and dry environment 15 - 25 ºC (59 - 77 ºF)
  • Shelf life is over 12 months.
  • Close proximity to the body heat can activate the Energy Enhancer patches and decrease the shelf life.
  • Keep away from any living body (human or pets) during transportation.

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  • For adult use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Do not use on wounds or damaged skin.
  • Ask a health professional before using if pregnant or if you have a health condition.

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FAQ about Rest Quiet™ patches

1.- How does Rest Quiet™ work if nothing enters the body?

Rest Quiet™ patches uses nanotechnology developed by LifeWave™ which communicates with the body's energy meridians similarly to the way acupuncture works.

2.- What is in the Rest Quiet™ patches?

The Rest Quiet™ patches contain a patent pending blend including:

  • amino acids
  • water
  • stabilized oxygen
  • natural organic compounds

3.- What goes into the body if this is a non-transdermal patch?

Nothing goes into the body. A Rest Quiet™ patch works like a heat patch or a moxibustion application in acupuncture. By placing the Rest Quiet™ patch over the Acupuncture point, the heat stimulates the flow of the affected meridian inducing a balance for a restful nights sleep.

4.- Are the Rest Quiet™ patches safe to use?

All materials in Rest Quiet™ patches are recognized as safe by the FDA (2I CFR). Rest Quiet™ patches are manufactured at FDA registered facilities. If you have a health condition and are in doubt please consult your doctor before using.

5.- What should I feel when wearing Rest Quiet™ patches?

You probably will feel nothing. What you should notice is that you or your partners will have a more quiet night's sleep and wake up refreshed.

6.- Has Rest Quiet™ patches been tested?

Yes, Rest Quiet™ patches have been tested by health care practitioners. Studies prove that the Rest Quiet™ technology stimulates the acupuncture point it is placed on and promotes a quiet night's rest.

7.- How long should I wear the Rest Quiet™ patches?

It is recommended that you wear the Rest Quiet™ patches from the time you go to bed until you wake up in the morning. The patch should last for two nights wearing.

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  • One patch allows 2 nights of usage.
  • Remove half the backing and apply the patch firmly to the specified spot.
  • Smooth on with hand to assure the patch will stick.
  • Second night, remove the other half of teh backing and apply.

Do not use more than one patch at a time.

The patch can be worn on either the right temple or the inside right foot.

Place the patch to the right of the eyebrow on the right temple.


Place the patch in the depression just below the ankle bone (the bone that sticks out) on the inside right foot.

Rest Quiet placement position

How important is a good nights sleep?

We spend about:

  • 8 hours per day
  • 56 hours per week
  • 240 hours per month
  • 2,920 hours per year (1/3 of our life)

sleeping ...

Sleep studies show that insufficient sleep affects up to 70 million people in the United States.

This costs about $100 billion each year in accidents, medical bills and lost work.

Source: statistic from Brain Facts, Society for Neuroscience, 2002

Sleep patterns chart for older children and adults'

Sleep patterns change as people age. As shown in the graph above, infants spend more time sleeping compared with the times of older children and adults.

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The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We certify that all LifeWave™ patches are manufactured at FDA registered facilities and in accordance with the specifications in their patent filing. Neither LifeWave™, LLC nor the Nanotechnology store, endorse claims or have scientific proof that it's products are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animal.

This product is not intended to be used in the treatment, prevention or cure of disease. Use product only as directed. Do not use product if you have a health condition. Please consult your healthcare professional before using should you have any concerns.

The adhesive of our patches is hypoallergenic, however if you experience a skin irritation simply discontinue use. Should any of the contents of the patches make contact with skin simply wash with water to remove. Should you experience any type of discomfort from the use of this product discontinue use.

Please review all instructions and information about this product before using.

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